Holiday Marshmallow Pops

Happy Holidays! (Officially this time)

2013-12-19 22.05.56To continue on a bit from last post, I wanted to show another use of Candy Melts. These were the colors mixed in with the melted chocolate from the Holiday Candy Bark

Candy Melts can be found at your local (large) grocery chain during the holidays, but the rest of the year, your best bet is at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. There’s just about any color available. Most of them are vanilla flavored, which is nice with the Holiday Candy Bark since it cuts down on the sharp chocolate taste. I love chocolate, but sometimes when it’s in chunks, something to help cut the flavor is nice.

Holiday Marshmallow Pops

Large marshmallows2013-12-19 21.13.06
Red candy melts
Green candy melts
Mint chocolate candy melts (brown)
Candy canes, crushed
Oreos, crushed
Wax/parchment paper
Pop sticks

These Holiday Marshmallow Pop is a lot like the Holiday Candy Bark in the sense that there is no actual cooking/baking involved. And that it is just as pretty!

2013-12-19 21.35.27Lay out some wax/parchment paper out on a cookie sheet so that it is easy to transfer to the fridge later.

I would suggest pouring out the sprinkles out into small bowls, which will make it easier to dip. I will note that the bigger sprinkles work best for these marshmallow pops.

I suggest the little tiny ball sprinkles or shapes sprinkles, like trees.

To crush the candy cane and oreos, the best way would be to double sandwich bag a handful. You can crush the candy with the back of a butter knife. Double bag since the sharp edges will most likely cut one (or two) of the bags.

Melt each of the colors of the candy melts in small bowls in the microwave. You can put about 10-15 disks for each. The chocolate version is nice since it is a mint flavor. My favorite combo with marshmallows.2013-12-19 21.34.44

Then take the bowls back to the nice spread of sprinkles and candy you have laid out. Grabbing a “corner” of a big marshmallow, dip it in a color (or two) then into a variety of sprinkles.

Place the prettied marshmallow on to the wax paper, marshmallow side down. This way it won’t stick to the paper once hardened. Finally, into the fridge they go! Give it a couple hours or overnight.

2013-12-19 22.06.03Then the pop sticks, or whatever you want to call them… I snap them in half since they start out quite long.

But however long you prefer, ease them into the cold marshmallow. I say ease because if you aren’t careful you can crack the hardened candy melt.

These will be a big hit! They are super easy and probably pretty. At least of few of them will be really photogenic. 🙂

2013-12-19 22.46.142013-12-19 22.46.24

2013-12-19 22.46.042013-12-19 22.46.472013-12-19 22.45.47


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