Holiday Candy Bark

Happy Holidays, friends!

IMG_7953(1)So last post I spoke about the fact that I was surprised that a recipe with potatoes won me over during the holiday season. Typically it’s sweets.

Well bring on the typical! Here is the beginning of the sweets!

Holiday Candy Bark

Semisweet chocolate chips
Mill chocolate chips
Red candy melts
Green candy melts
Wax/parchment paper

Your choice of various chopped/broken up holiday candy:
Peppermint kisses
Candy Canes

Pictures speak best with this recipe….IMG_5411

Start with melting a mixture of semisweet and milk chocolate chips. About two cups worth. Then spread it into a rectangle on some wax paper on a cookie sheet. You’ll need the pan to help transfer to the fridge later. Don’t make it too thick. Probably only a ¼ inch thick.


Next, the candy melts. During these holidays you can probably find them at the grocery store. But they are always at stores like Michaels in every color you can think of. Melt the red and green separately. You’ll just need like a small handful of each color.


Place a, as Daisy would put it, dollop of the colors at various points in the chocolate rectangle. Using a toothpick, spread the colors out.

Start with adding some sprinkles atop the rectangle then stick the candy on it randomly. My suggestion would be to make sure every piece is in there so when the chocolate hardens it doesn’t fall off.


Now rather than any baking time, all you need is a couple of hours or overnight in the fridge. IMG_5414

Once hardened, simply break it apart in to two (or so) bite pieces.

For serving, I will note that the chocolate begins to be flimsy as it starts to warm up so if there’s any left after awhile, a short 10 minutes in the fridge does wonders.




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