Baked Potato Meets Oven Fries

I don’t necessarily have any specific stats behind this next statement, but I’m extremely confident it is true. “During the holiday season Pinterest browsing significantly increases.” Any holiday that comes up I always get drawn to the pretty recipes. Case and point:

Eggshell Cupcakes
King’s Cake Rolls

But this time, I was flipping through my Bon Appetite magazine and I realized it wasn’t the sweet, pretty desserts that caught my eye.

I blame this one on Mike. IMG_5129If I was dating Mike based off of his favorite foods, we would not be dating. He’s a meat and potatoes kind of man and isn’t interested in tasty things like seafood, fall veggies, and pasta without meat.

Lucky for him, I still think he’s pretty amazing.

This time the pretty recipe that caught my eye wasn’t a pumpkin cheesecake or cupcakes shaped like a turkey; it was a baked potato!

Baked Potato Meets Oven Fries

1 Hasselback or russet potato
3-4 tbsp olive oil
Herbs (rosemary, oregano, basil. Your choice!)
Garlic or garlic powder
Salt (sea salt if you have it)

Sometimes I think potatoes are annoying to cook cause they take so long, well this one isn’t any different. But the good news is that this one is very quick as far as prep time goes.

Start my cutting slits mostly though the potato from top to bottom. The best way to help not cut all the way through the potato is to place a knife on each edge of the potato to serve as a stopper.

I had to cut the slits twice cause the first round was a bit too thick. The recipe originally called for 1/8” intervals, but I apparently can’t measure.

IMG_5107You don’t have to get too specific though. The thinner means they will be more crispy all the way through.

The next part is the best part since you have true freedom here. Pour some olive oil into a small bowl and add spices in. Mix it together then pour some on top of the potato, making sure it seeps between the slices. You may want to get your hands dirty and rub some oil on in between the slices to help it crisp up when cooking.

Bake it for about 45-60 minutes at 450 degrees. We had it with some chicken and rice. Just this one potato was the perfect size to split between the two of us.

Mike got his potato and I got my pretty recipe. Finally! The best of both worlds!






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