Doug’s Burgers

To continue the grilling goodness and to extend the holiday celebration in my mind, I wanted to share a few more recipes with you from our Fourth of July cookout. We started last week with the Grilled Banana S’mores, but let’s get into the meat of it. Shall we?



First, I MUST share this amazing concoction called Cluckers. My mom’s friend, Pam, brought them to the BBQ. It was pieces of chicken breast marinated in teriyaki sauce. They are wrapped in bacon with a jalapeno slice then baked.

Talk about a big hit at a party! I had about 7 of these guys and the whole pan was probably gone in about 30 minutes.

This is definitely a recipe I’ll have to follow up on to make myself.

Doug’s Burgers
IMG_3863Recipe from Doug’s mind

80/20 ground chuck
barbeque sauce
garlic powder
package of onion soup mixIMG_3921

I mentioned last week that my step-dad, Doug, is the master griller in the family. He makes these really juicy and flavorful burgers. I realize now that it’s not much of a recipe, but more of just a burger within a burger.

IMG_3872 Put the cold meat in a big mixing bowl. We were looking to make about 12 burgers so we got 3 lbs. Pour the entire packet of the onion soup mix on top.

Next, you’ll need to crush up the crackers to fine crumbs. You can do this however you think might be easiest, but the way we did it was rolling a cup over the crackers in a plastic baggie. These crumbs will help hold the patties together.IMG_3873

Add the crackers into the bowl. Pour some relish in. However much you think would be good. Same with the ketchup and mustard. Doug measures this amount by making a criss-cross the design with the two of them.

Top it off with some BBQ sauce then dig in! IMG_3878

No gloves needed. He just wears them so his hands aren’t as sticky and dry. Make sure it is mixed really well before you start making the patties.

When you make patties, the best way to start is to make a ball of meat then flatten it out.

IMG_3891Finally, place each patty on the grill for a few minutes on each side. We did it on the smoker since Doug had it for the fish, pork and brisket.

Once the burgers are done cooking, grab the cheese and a bun! In theory, no sauce really is needed, but I always add a bit more ketchup. Enjoy!IMG_3918


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