Grilled Banana S’mores

smore 2I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!

I spent mine eating, drinking, swimming, and grilling, which I suspect was a common grouping of activities for many people. I also made sure to allocate some efforts to taking pictures of said grilling.

My mom and step-dad have a pool in their backyard in Kansas and they love to throw a party! So this year since the 4th was on a Thursday, we allocated Saturday for the big celebration. This was complete with a 2 pm start time, lots of side dishes brought by friends, plus hot dogs, hand-made burgers, pulled pork and smoked brisket.

All of these were made on the smoker that Doug, my step-dad, has and loves more than life itself. I think he smoked the pork and brisket for over 12 hours. True dedication.

smore side

Note to self: Find recipe!

Other side dishes included an amazing cauliflower and broccoli salad. It was shredded and had bacon pieces and golden raisins in it. Sounds like an odd combo but was extremely good. I always enjoy refreshing lighter sides when I’m stuffing my face with meat and beer on a hot, hot, hot day. I need to look more into this recipe through my mom’s friend who brought it for sure.

Next week’s post will be about the burgers Doug made.

Stand by. 🙂

Grilled Banana S’mores

4 ripe bananas
2 large chocolate barssmore grill
Graham crackers pieces

Speaking of stuffing my face, for dessert at my parent’s barbeque I made grilled banana s’mores. As I mentioned before, we only had the smoker heated but, but it’s the same process for a regular grill, too.

To start, you’ll place the whole bananas on the grates. Do not peel them. The end goal here is to wait until the peel is black basically. Timing will vary here depending on the heat of your grill.

smore banana 2The smoker normally isn’t set at a temperature any higher than 280 degrees, but a grill will be 400-500 degrees. I suspect the timing will be 4-10 minutes total. Turn the bananas over half way through. Just keep checking how black the first side gets after a few minutes.

While the banana is… cooking, take this time to set up the graham crackers and chocolate. I broke each graham cracker piece in half to make squares then put 2-3 pieces of chocolate on each.

When the peels are black, remove the bananas from the grill. Around this step, your friends will laugh at how gross these bananas look, but trust me, it’s pretty in the end. smore chocolate

I will tell you that the length of time on the grill doesn’t really matter too much. As long as the bananas are soft enough (when the peel is black), it works. I let two bananas stay on the smoker longer than others. The only difference was that they were softer than the others, well and much hotter.

Once off the grill, you are going to perform surgery on the bananas. Take a knife and make a cut down the side of the banana just deep enough to cut the peel.

smore banana 1To help open the slit, make a short cut on each end of the banana then using the knife and your fingers open each side like a set of doors.

At this point I think it’s easiest to switch to a spoon. It will cut through just fine. Scoop out similar-sized pieces of the banana on to each cracker and chocolate piece. I put about 3-4 pieces on each s’more depending on how well they fit.

Many might see what I’m about to say as a good thing, but either way I will warn you that this gets SUPER messy! At the point you place the bananas pieces on the chocolate, the chocolate begins to melt. So make sure napkins are immediately available for those enjoying.

No marshmallows needed! That’s all it takes for these Grilled Banana S’mores. (That means they are healthy, right?) They were very well received by my family and friends at the barbeque. I’m sure your peeps will love them too!

smore 1

It’s melting!


4 thoughts on “Grilled Banana S’mores

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  3. I was fortunate enough to be at this great party and enjoy these banana smores-yummy!!!!! —and yes they were somewhat messy, but it only adds to the enjoyment of these delicious treats!!!!!! Great friends and great food makes for a great Saturday night in Kansas!!!!!!!

  4. nice! I love smores! I do mine banana smores more than a banana boat smore – where I cut into the banana – stuff with mini marshmallows & chocolate chips and wrap in foil and grill – then sprinkle graham cracker crumbs after the chocolate & marshmallows melted 🙂 but I think I would like your way too!!!

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