Mud Balls

Last month, I went back to visit friends in Omaha during the College World Series, the college baseball national championship tournament. It is hosted every year in downtown Omaha, where I used to live. Since it was my first year living out of Omaha, I decided it was too soon to miss out on it.

IMG_4184Even though there were baseball games, food trucks, and beer tents to partake in, I still had a small list of Omaha favorites I just had to check off while there. One of those favorites was an afternoon in the Old Market. Specifically, a Sunday Funday in the Old Market. The technical definition (at least in my mind) for Sunday Funday is a relaxing Sunday with food, friends, and drinks.

So before Mike (my boyfriend) and I’s 7 pm flight, we found a shaded patio in the Old Market, which is the heart of downtown. The bar was Mr. Toads, which on the inside is an old library and plays classical jazz music inside and outside. Mr. Toads is the perfect Sunday Funday gathering location because there were plenty of seats and my friends could come and go.

Finally when we had a good group of people together, I ran across the street to the Old Market Candy Shop to buy my favorite chocolate treat, Mud Balls. And by buy I mean clean out their inventory of them. 😀IMG_4173

Mud Balls

1 package oreos
8 oz cream cheese, room temp
3 graham crackers
2 cups chocolate chips
chocolate sprinkles (optional)

I must admit that Mud Balls may not be the best name for these. If you want to get fancy you can call them Oreo Truffles. I made these this week for my coworkers. I didn’t do too much prep/research into the process since I’ve made them a few times before. To say the least, this made things a bit more interesting than expected.

You’ll start with a blender or food processor. Put the oreos and graham crackers in the processor. I’d suggest breaking them up a bit. For example, I broke the oreos in half. Regarding the cream cheese, room temperature works best. Cut it up in to pieces and put them in the processor with the other two ingredients. I’d suggest throwing half the chunks in half way through the oreo bag.

IMG_4176Once all is in there, press the on button. Now when I made this, I didn’t originally have the graham crackers and I poured a bit of cream in the mix, which I learned wasn’t the best idea. It originally came out more like brownie batter so it stuck to my hands when I first tried to roll it into balls.

Let the troubleshooting begin! Normally with Doug’s Burgers or meatloaf, you can add in breadcrumbs to make things sticky. Since breadcrumbs wouldn’t be a good addition, I decided to add in some graham crackers left over from Grilled Banana S’mores.

IMG_4178So leaving the cream out and having the graham crackers from the beginning should make things work out fine.

To get everything blended well, you might need to use a rubber spatula along the sides to scrape it down in between blending.

Once this mixture is blended well, refrigerate it for about an hour. To be honest, it was getting late so I utilized the freezer in this process.

Lay out some wax paper on a cookie sheet. Spoon some batter in your hand and make a bite or two-bite ball. Mud Balls are super rich so small ones aren’t a bad thing. I’d suggest putting them back in the fridge again while you get the chocolate ready.

IMG_4179Put the chocolate chips in a bowl and simply microwave until melted. Next, take a few out of the fridge to dip in chocolate. The key for this is toothpicks. Stab a ball and use a second toothpick help roll it in the chocolate to cover.

Then once covered, place it back on the wax paper and pour some sprinkles over it. These are mainly for show, so they are optional. About halfway through, I put them into the freezer while I finished the others.

After you’re done, leave them in the freezer for a bit then you’ll be in the clear to put them in baggies or gladware.

It was really interesting making this round of Mud Balls. Not that I want the troubleshooting mode to happen every time, but it was still fun to royally screw it up then make it work and fix it so it’s still tasty in the end.

One of my coworkers helped me realize that these are like mini or bite sizes oreo cheesecakes! Mud Balls, Oreo Truffles, Mini Oreo Cheesecakes. Whatever you want to call them. They are sure to please!