Mexican Pizza

Spring is upon us! Well it’s definitely at the door and apparently still deciding whether to enter the room or not. So lots of fun things have started to fill the non-work hours! Monday was extremely hard to wake up for. Food is always very high on my priority list, but when spring is knocking, I’ll definitely answer and hang out with it all weekend.

Pizza sliceSo I wanted to provide a fast and healthy recipe for those weeknights where you get distracted on the way home from work. Whether it is happy hour on a patio, sports in the park or impulsive shopping that pulled you in, getting home a little bit later than normal shouldn’t mean a quick, microwave meal is the only option.

Mexican Pizza
Adapted from Eating Light Magazinepizza first

Pre-made pizza crust
Taco sauce
Mexican cheese
Frozen southwestern corn
Pre-made fajita/southwestern chicken strips

As you might have gathered, I’m not opposed to cooking with pre-made elements. Unless if it’s horribly questionable, why not accept the help? This Mexican pizza uses many pre-made elements so it’s a busy person’s dream!

Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees. Start off with pre-made pizza crust. I mentioned using pre-made crust to a few people last week and 4 of them said, “Oh, Boboli?!” Apparently, this crust is the clear favorite in the market. I have indeed used this kind many times, but could not recite the brand name to you though. Anyway, I seem to consistently have trouble finding this crust in the store. At the Jewel by my apartment, they were located in a stand at the end of the frozen pizza aisle. I personally think the thin crust is better, but they have a few varieties that would work.

Spread some taco sauce (mild, medium, or hot) on the crust. I don’t know the specific amount you need because, well, I can’t read your mind. That’s what’s so great about this pizza. Use however much of the ingredients as you’d like. I’d say just give it a good layer over the crust leaving about a half an inch open on the edge. Place chicken strips on the entire crust then pour the corn mix over cook Regarding the southwestern corn mix, to find a good one, do some searching in the freezer aisle by the frozen veggies. I’ve gotten mixes before with corn, peppers, onions, black beans, and tomatoes. A good assortment. The one I found for this time didn’t have the onions and beans. You can add them separately or go without them. Up to you!

Finally, top the growing pizza with as much Mexican cheese mix as you’d like. If you have a pizza stone, use it. If not, you can place the pizza on a big cookie sheet or you can put the pizza directly on the oven shelf. The oven shelf and pizza stone makes the crust a bit for crispy than on a cookie sheet. Bake the pizza in the oven for about 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the crust is more golden avocado

While it’s cooking, cut up a half of an avocado. There are numerous ways to make this part super pretty. I was in the middle of a load of laundry and a Mexican pizza so I just got it out of its skin and into pieces so I could continue multitasking.

Also, take this time to chop up the cilantro. I always have this internal struggle on buying fresh herbs. I love cilantro and pile it on when given the chance, but there’s no way in hell I’ll use an entire bunch before it goes bad!pizza cilantro I realize I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I’m certainly not that much of a herbivore. I was in the store having an internal argument between myself and the industry about this when I reached the herb section. I then realized that this giant bush, ok, bunch of cilantro is only 56 cents. If I’m willing to spend a couple of dollars on pre-made chicken, why am I so against buying my favorite ingredient fresh? So in the end the industry won the argument. Yes, I’m wasting a lot of cilantro, but at least it’s cheap?… Oh, America… Ok, rant over.

ANYway, the lazy (and effective) way to chop herbs is actually to cut them. Tear off the leaves (depending on the herb some stems are more bitter tasting), throw them in a cup, stick the scissors in and squeeze. Then repeat.  After the pizza is golden, take it out and top with the avocado and cilantro then enjoy! You’ll love it AND it is low fat depending on size of the mountain of cheese you designate, of course.Pizza whole


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