Brunch in the Edible Garden – Eggs Virginia Highland

Thanks, Chef!

Thanks, Chef!

This past weekend, I went to Atlanta to visit my sister and we had bunch at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on Saturday morning. It’s actually a really great event they’ve got set up. At each brunch, a guest chef from a local restaurant cooks at the outdoor kitchen in the edible garden. Now, when I think of an edible garden my mind goes straight to Willy Wonka, complete with gummy tulips and a chocolate stream. Though some of the flowers around are so pretty that you kind of want to eat them, it’s definitely not a Wonka style edible garden.

Not a (gum)drop of disappointment here! Thanks to the show put on by Chef Ian Winslade from Murphy’s Restaurant. His demonstration was relaxed & conversational but still very educational.

other dish


A total of 24 of us attending the brunch so I could definitely feel for all the prep work he and his sous chef had done. Based on my experiences with 10-15 person dinner parties, I think the greatest art (or science, depending on how you look at it) is the prep work and flow of the meal. Everything was timed well and looked oh so easy, which I think is a goal that every artist wants to achieve in their chosen craft.

He demonstrated two dishes on the bunch menu at Murphy’s. One was Chilaquiles, which had elements I plan to try in the future. For today, I am going to focus on the other dish, Eggs Virginia Highland.

Eggs Virginia Highland

Eggs Virginia Highland

Eggs Virginia Highland

I think Benedict type dishes are so classy, maybe even elegant. I’ve been too scared in tackling the making of one. Also, there’s the possibility that I over think the process of eating them. It’s a bit of a science for me. With benedicts, there are often many elements to it and getting each element in each bite is crucial. This goes back to my PB&J theory. It’s all about the ratio.

Even if my science isn’t exactly, well, scientific, there’s definitely some science in poaching an egg. I’m most excited to try this element of the demonstration in the near future. Since I’m planning on doing a post on this recipe at some point I won’t go into too much detail. So consider all going forward a tease to stay tuned for a future post…

Hollandaise is a good arm workout!

Chef started out making showing us how to make a poached egg. In a nutshell, it’s close-to-boiling water then adding in vinegar. Stirring the water and cracking an egg into it while the water is still going in circles. Then allowing it to cook for about 3 minutes in its very own private vinegar induced whirlpool.

Next is the hollandaise. This sauce is simply fantastic and Chef made it even better by adding in blended up sundried tomatoes. To put it in perspective, this is like sunshine on a snow day in 5th grade. It’s a tasty reminder that good things can always get better.

Every thing is better with a mimosa

Every thing is better with a mimosa

The dish is assembled with focaccia bread on the bottom, a bit of sautéed mushrooms and spinach to please the herbivores in the mix, then the perfectly poached egg and the sundried tomato hollandaise tops it all off.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, I highly recommend going to Murphy’s for a Sunday Bunch and trying the Eggs Virginia Highland. You won’t regret it! For Saturday, find out if there’s another demonstration happening at the Botanical Gardens. If not, just go to Murphy’s both days. 🙂


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