Brown Butter and Sage Chicken

I mentioned last post how I thought I wouldn’t be baking as much as I have been for the blog so I made sure this week’s post was more on the cooking side of the spectrum. One goal that I have with this blog is put a doable food blog out there. I don’t want to put recipes up with intimidating photos and I want to put reasonable recipes out there, too.chicken close

Apparently, based on all the pretty and more extensive recipes I’ve been doing lately, there’s an exception to this goal/rule: If it’s holiday themed, it can be more work and your readers might like to read about and taste (if they are one of the lucky coworkers) these pretty recipes, but they may not actually follow through on making them.

To help balance this exception that I accidentally forced upon myself, this week’s post is an easy, weekday worthy entree.

Brown Butter and Sage Chicken
Recipe from Kevin & Amandachicken start

Chicken breast(s)
1 ½ tbsp of butter per chicken breast
Sage leaves

I originally fell in love with this recipe due to the ease of it, but I have later learned that I love this recipe due to the crispy buttered sages leaves within it. We’ll get to those later.

To start, cut up the chicken breast into cubes and add some salt and pepper to them. Heat a flying pan over medium high heat. Melt 1 ½ tbsp. of butter in it.butter

Now, brown butter is essentially the same as getting the perfect about of golden brown and crunchiness on your toast in the morning or on your marshmallow for a s’more over an open flame. I still am not sure the secret to it or if I’m doing it right, but either way, it ends up tasting good.

I’ve heard a few tidbits on browning butter correctly. One method I try to follow is to listen to it. You’ll know when it’s browned when it stops sizzling or the sound changes. The version I follow the most is that relates to the warnings not to burn the butter. Essentially it says once you start to worry that you are burning the butter, wait 3 more minutes them put the chicken in. I interpret this as you really have to scorch the butter to burn it.

chicken panNote: Real butter is best here. I grew up using (and still do) a tub of margarine for everything, but with brown butter it makes a difference.

Once the butter is brown, put the chicken pieces in the pan. Be careful not to crowd the pan. Allow the chicken to cook for about 3-4 minutes on the same side. Next, using tongs, turn the chicken over to the opposite side of the “cube.”

Take the sage leaves and place them on top of the chicken so they start to heat up and release flavor. After another 3-4 minutes on that side, stir the chicken so the leaves get a bit coated in the juices. And finish it off with another 2 minutes in the pan. chicken sage

Easy enough! It’s about 10 minutes prep (cutting up the chicken and browning the butter) then 10 minutes in the pan (cooking the chicken).

Like I said earlier, the best part of this is the crispy sage leaves. The brown butter flavor pairs amazingly with the sage. <– You can say this fancy statement to your dinner guests when serving this dish. Little do they know it’s just basically just burning butter, throwing some chicken in a pan with sage leaves, and cooking it just enough so your guests don’t get salmonella and die from your meal. Sometimes you’ve got to focus on the obtainable goals in life.  🙂

chicken finished



3 thoughts on “Brown Butter and Sage Chicken

  1. Wow that sounds delicious.. Could be because its 11:15 and I am ready for lunch Enjoy the Final Four with your Popa. Cheer on those Shockers!


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