Kegs & Eggs – Guinness Floats

float complete

Guinness Float!

To continue the St. Patty’s Kegs & Eggs theme I started last post discussing the Dash Egg Cooker, this post highlights the kegs section of the phrase!

Rather than making my own brew (I’m not dedicated enough for that), I decided to make something with beer. Since it’s St Patty’s Week and I’m now officially Chirish, I’m working with Guinness. And ice cream.

One time during a quality Sunday Funday, I reflected back to my Gilmore Girls watching days (which was basically my dad and I’s entire mid to late 2000s), I had a big craving for a beer float. The one friend excited about this was Bobby. We went out and got the finest brew available: Bud Light. Paired with vanilla ice cream, we indulged ourselves all afternoon. No, literally, it took me all afternoon to finish a Bud Light float…. I decided, good in theory, but gotta be float

So this week, I invited my friend, Berit, over to indulge in Guinness floats with me. As a frequent Guinness drinker, I figured she’s my target audience. The float is made of Guinness (draught or extra stout), coffee ice cream, a bit of nutmeg, whipped cream and caramel pour

Definitely put the ice cream in first with some nutmeg, then pour the beer in. The ice cream makes the beer fizz a bunch. Allow the fizz go down for a couple of minutes then add a bit more. Top with some whipped cream, caramel, and sprinkle some nutmeg on top to give it that extra sparkle.

I must admit. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the float as Berit was. But again, I’m not as much of a Guinness drinker as she. We did have a lot of fun decorating them! Berit put it best, “Yours is like that one friend who gets A’s in art class and doesn’t even try!” Expect in art class that wasn’t the case for me at all. But hey, if I had to wait 20 years till I got an A in anything more than effort, I’ll take it!

I got an A, but she enjoyed hers a bit more!

I got an A, but she enjoyed hers a bit more!


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