Kegs & Eggs – Eggs!

It’s St Patty’s Week! So like a true member of the Greek system, I’ve decided to start the celebration with kegs & eggs!

It's shaped like an egg even!

It’s shaped like an egg even!

To start, we’ll begin with the eggs part. I don’t really have a special egg recipe. I’m such a fan of breakfast foods, but I have to say that eggs aren’t always my go to. BUT I always seem to end up ordering an omelet. I love the concept of omelet. I mean, how could it go wrong? Yeah, I don’t know either. I probably end up hyping it up too much in my mind then end up disappointing myself.

Anyway, today I am writing about my Dash Egg Cooker. It’s a recent impulse online purchase of mine. Guilty! This thing is amazing though! I really like to eat egg whites of a hard-boiled egg. This egg shaped appliance has a tray that holds up to 7 eggs and comes with a measuring cup so that you can put the right amount of water in for how hard you want the yolk. Pour the water in and turn it on. Easy enough.  I make 6 on a Sunday and have 2 for breakfast for 3 weekday mornings.

egg cooker oiut

Omelet tray, measuring cup, hard-boiled egg tray, and cover.

Speaking of omelets, the egg cooker also has an omelet/poaching tray. You can make 3 mini-omelets and add anything you have. I crack the eggs in a separate bowl to mix and add a bit of milk then pour into the tray. I already had some bacon bits for salads so I threw some in two of the spaces then for the 3rd one I added in some fresh herbs in for a veggie version. These omelets seem like a hybrid of scrambled eggs and an omelet. As you can see they come out in an fluffy egg shape even! Plus it steams them so they are way healthier!

Egg CLose upThe only thing I hate about this machine is the buzzer when the eggs are done… it sounds like a fire alarm in a stairwell! Not that it’s that loud specifically, but it’s a screeching sound. The first time it went off my cat, Taylor, was sitting on my lap. When she jumped off, her claws went straight through my jeans and explicit words came right out of my mouth.

If I’ve sparked your interest, you can find a demo here from the Home Shopping Network. No, I didn’t buy it from there. Yes, I did watch this video prior to my purchase though. I’ll probably hold off buying stuff straight from the TV till I’m a fat old lady living with her cat and shoes.

I put the eggs on top of crostinis with a feta spread. Taylor approved!

I put the eggs on top of crostinis with a feta spread. Taylor approves!


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