Crock-Pot Pot Roast

My Dad and I

My Dad and I

When I asked my dad what I should get him for Christmas a few months ago, the reply I received was “some dress socks and teach me how to use the crock-pot I got as a present last year.”

While I was home for the holidays, I made chicken a la king in the crock pot for Christmas Eve dinner and the day I left I watched as my dad put together a pork chop recipe I found for the crock-pot as well. Now, if you know my dad at all, you know he isn’t Susie Homemaker nor is he Tim the Toolman Taylor. He is a traditional British man. A meat and potatoes, orange marmalade or beans on toast, and multiple cups of tea kind of guy.

So, when I gave him homework a couple of weeks ago to make sure he is still using his crock-pot, I wasn’t a bit surprised when he chose the Pot Roast recipe out of the three options I gave him. I told him he had to do it all by himself and I was requiring at least two in progress photos and one on the plate finished product photo. Just to be sure.

He finished up his homework this past weekend and was thrown a bit of a curve ball when I told him he had to blog about it. I’ll describe it as the extra credit handed out in class that you had to do. Here is his take on the assignment:

Crock-Pot Pot Roast
Recipe adapted from The Crockin’ Girl Best Ever Pot Roast

2 cups beef brothPot Roast ingredients
5-6 pounds beef pot roast
1 package ranch salad dressing mix
1 package italian salad dressing mix
1 package brown gravy mix
6-8 potatoes, peeled and cubed
2-3 cups of baby carrots
1 sm onion, chopped

Pour broth into slow cooker; add roast. Combine dry mixes and sprinkle over roast. Cook for 6-7 hours on low. Add potatoes, onion, and carrots during the last 2 hrs.

Well it’s been a long time since I was given a homework assignment. When I was at school, homework givers were not high on my “like” list but I think you have escaped this label 🙂 Dinner was great!!!!

Being the meat and potatoes Englishman I am, choosing “Pot Roast” as my assignment was easy in that I understood it, knew what it would look like and felt much safer than dealing with French, Chinese, Mexican, Italian or some other exotic cuisine you could have subjected my cooking skills to.

Having said that, of course, I am now fully qualified to agree and say “What’s so hard about using a crock-pot?”… I actually agreed to do it and actually moved into a new century by overcoming my stubbornness brought on my not being in the same generation as most crock pot users i.e. I am really a stone age type of person and burning my food in a frying pan has been much more like my liking over since the “Empty Nest” syndrome took a hold of my life.

Somebody was getting curious!

Somebody was getting curious!

Putting a liner in the crock pot was genius – right up my alley. So much easier to clean. Yummy meat, great looking Idaho’s, baby carrots, onions (need someone else to cut them for me), mixes (italian, brown gravy, and ranch), beef broth and even a green light to spice it up anyway I want. Then throw it (sorry – place it) in the crock-pot, cover it, turn it on, wait a few hours while I am out playing golf… ah come on, how much easier can it get?????

Still not convinced, however. I invited a couple of friends over for dinner – how nice of me, right? They represented my official taste testers… Ha! A new experience and you think I am going to try it out on me alone??… Crazy!!!!

There is an old expression that goes something like “All great plans of men and mice come to naught (nothing).” It basically means when there is a plan it can still go horribly wrong. Well, guess what… “Brilliant, fabulous, well done, Martin! Yes, I will take some for lunch tomorrow” and (the best comment of all) “Wow, really impressed” were the reactions I got! Well, as you can see, it did not go wrong. It was a great success and easy to make and oooooooooooh soooooooooo tasty!!!

Pot Roast Finish

Classic meat and potatoes!

Come to dinner anytime – just give me 20 minutes in the morning to set it up and less than that to serve it and you will feel like you have been fed like royalty.

Martin (aka Vicki’s Dad)


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