Chicago Restaurant Week: Boka

It’s pretty clear that I love food. I’ve been saying for years that I am going to be such a fat old lady. The point at which I am old enough to really begin expanding has yet to be figured out, but damn, it’s going to be amazing!

Obviously, I’ve gotten more into cooking these past few years, but to true American-style, I prefer have someone else do the prep and for me to enjoy. The best example of my logic that I can give has to do with a PB&J sandwich. Simply put, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich tastes significantly better when someone else makes it. This theory is in the same bucket as the one where character mac & cheese (preferably Scooby Doo) tastes better than spirals, but we can get to that one later.

For the sandwich, I’m far too critical of myself with the PB to J ratio! This is a make it or break it detail with my enjoyment of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When someone else makes it, I go easy on them or don’t even notice an imbalance between the two.boka

Anyway, you can probably guess how excited I was when I heard about the 10-day long Restaurant Week here in Chicago. I immediately decided my calorie intake would skyrocket for that week along with my monetary output.

In honor of it being a Friday during Lent, I will tell you about my visit to Boka with the lovely Berit Gemar, my first and finest Chicago friend. Our meals were entirely seafood. Boka is located in Lincoln Park just steps away from the 7th best restaurant in the world. Please note: This ranking is legit not just me inserting a personal opinion.  I will probably never afford to go to the 7th best restaurant, Alinea, so Boka was the way to go. I like to think that the food is positively affected just by the close presence of Alinea.

boka berit

Cheers to great scallops!

Naturally, to start the meal we ordered a blue-cheese stuffed olive dirty martini. This just might make our world go round. Then we both ordered the scallops, which we were hesitant to do because we wanted to do two different dishes & try each dish.

BUT neither of us would budge so we both got the scallops. It ended up being a good move because they were so good; I wouldn’t have wanted to share.

For the entrée, Berit ordered the Faroe Island (where ever that is) Salmon complete with a seafood dumpling, sweet potato sauce and broccoli hash. I got the Celery Root Cannelloni, which came with broccolini, ricotta, portabella mushroom, golden beets and balsamic. There were also crosnes on my plate, which honestly looked like cooked larva. Looked nasty, tasted good, noted for next time.

boka salmon

Berit’s “Far-away” Island Salmon

Doesn't the plate look like an eye?

My Cannelloni. Doesn’t it look like an eye?

Finally for dessert, there was only one option, but only one option was needed because it just that tasty. It was a perfect finish.  The dessert was a Black Cardamon Carrot Cake with orange sherbet and a candied kumquat carrot salad. Kumquat! Come on, let your inner child giggle a bit. You know it wants to!

boka plates

Empty plates = Happiness

"Let them eat (carrot) cake!" -Boka

“Let them eat (carrot) cake!” -Boka


2 thoughts on “Chicago Restaurant Week: Boka

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  2. you will turn me into a food person one of these days …..LOL….to begin with however, i am going to be manly and see what its like to eat out of a crock pot this weekend. I will start very simply for dad’s (like me) with little or no cooking experience and who is always ridiculed about eating out so much…..with a pot roast….yes meat and potatoes whats wrong with that….yummy to me…. and how far wrong can i go LOL – i am inviting guests so that i can make them eat it first and will take pictures and let you know how well i do 🙂

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