Hello World!

I’ve finally decided to dive into the pool of blogs out there…. or is it more of a belly flop into an ocean of blogs? It seems like everyone who cooks, crafts, travels, marries, even those who procreate have made a blog these days. So then the question remains, Why in the world am I starting a blog???

• Well, I have exceptional photography skills. I can make make a pig in the mud look good.
• My story is different from everyone else! I’ve got my shit together, yo.
• I’m doing amazing, never-before-seen things in my life!

Lies. All lies. I cannot make a pig in the mud look good, but I do plan on posting about some tasty bacon! My pictures on this blog will most likely be from my cell phone. (The quality is getting better though, right?)  Also, my story isn’t that different from everyone else. My life isn’t all together! No, I’m not getting married or living abroad, but I am figuring out my new life in a new city.

So I’ve decided to start this blog because I’ve always wanted to. The reason I believe now is the time to do it is you. I hope you think of it as a weekly virtual hug saying:

“Hey, this is something I think you’d find interesting & want to share it with you. Hope you like it!'”

Now to the logistics of things:

  1. You can sign up for email alerts for every new post, which you may find easiest.
  2. Another reason now is the time to start this blog is because I’ve lowered my standards. No, not in men, but so that it’s a weekly post using what most likely will be cell phone pictures. Nothing too fancy or something to stress about.
  3. Mind, Body & Belly’s title is a play off of Mind, Body & Soul. It won’t all be food, but fair warning, I do love to eat. 🙂
  4. Twitter! Facebook! Loud noises! Bright colors! SPARKLES! Please spread the word to anyone you think would find this interesting & want to share this with them. Hope they like it!




4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Hello, I saw your blog was sent over the Creighton JMC list serve and I had to check it out! I just graduated this past December and I have a food blog of my own so I was excited to see another Creighton alum “foodie”. I am excited to read your future posts!

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